MADE Label

Introducing our first product under Made's label:

Florence (n.) 

1. a name from a Latin word meaning "to blossom | prosper | flourish” 
2. a city in NW Alabama on the Tennessee River 
3. a beauty balm by MADE


Here at MADE, we wanted our first product to be a nod to our owner’s hometown, Florence, AL: a place of simple comforts where your troubles melt away on the banks of the Tennessee River. Much like the familiar ease of home, ‘Florence’ will draw you in with its whipped texture and earthy, floral aromas of blue tansy. Experience Florence as it deeply nourishes and soothes your skin back to its youthful state through its simple, antioxidant-rich ingredients. Your skin will blossom, prosper, and flourish with Florence.

Coming this Fall